Some Moral Dimensions of Scientific Research

In this talk I intend to reflect on three different dimensions in which moral values impinge on scientific research.

First, I want to explore the moral character traits of the scientific investigator. Next I will examine some moral side constraints on scientific methodology. And thirdly I want to look at some moral constraints on the consequences of various scientific inquiries. In conclusion, I will consider the additional dimensions added to these factors when scientific research is carried on in a democratic social order.

Termin: Mi., 20.01.2010

Zur Person:

Prof. Delaney teaches in both the Philosophy Department of which he was the chair from 1972 to 1982 and in the University Honors Program of which he has been the Director since 1990. His teaching has been in the areas of Pragmatism, Political Philosophy and the History of Modern Philosophy, and his most recent research has focused on the interpenetration of philosophy and science both in its historical instantiation in the pragmatism of Charles Sanders Peirce and its more general philosophical articulation.

via Moral Dimensions – Universität Innsbruck.


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